No pundit need tell you the speed at which change is occurring these days. You’re likely here because you recognize a need for change in your organization, to keep up with the times, and perhaps even keep ahead of the game.

In a nutshell, healthy change is the specialty of ET Technologies, Inc. You may have a general sense that you could improve an area of your business but you’re not sure how, or you may know precisely what technical solution you’d like to implement. Whatever your situation, ET will work with you to assess the situation, identify opportunities, then zero in on your ideal tailor-made solution.

Some key consultations ET has put in motion:

  • Building visions, developing strategies, assessing risks and impacts and creating action plans for both long and short term business and technology solutions
  • Managing, planning, estimating and scheduling projects using project management tools, methodologies, quality control and ISO9001 standards
  • Managing change in turbulent business environments and tough economic situations, including business process reengineering and implementation
  • Assessing process and system opportunities, evaluating technology and process improvement options and making recommendations
  • Gathering user requirements, systems design, training, testing, and quality assurance
  • Implementing ERP/packaged and custom written systems, including content management, healthcare, forestry, telco systems, throughout the entire systems life-cycle

Feel free to explore more here, and learn about the solutions ET provides.

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